WordPress maintenance and support for website owners

Your website is an investment in time and money.
Keeping your site updated, safe and secure ensures your website is always working hard for you.


Services to make your life with WordPress a little easier

so you can spend more time doing the work you love


To help keep your website secure and running smoothly it’s important to regularly update your WordPress site. Mostly this is a simple task causing few problems, but it’s not unknown for a website to break whilst updating.

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I’ll provide you with expert WordPress guidance, advice, and the answers you need. You’ll be able to contact me using email or phone.

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Regular backups are your insurance against hardware failures, software problems during updates and security breaches. This is recommended for sites with content added regularly or complex sites; e-commerce, memberships.

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Although pretty secure, every WordPress site is a little different, with different security needs. Additional measures are sometimes needed to fully secure your website. Active firewalls, file change monitoring all have their place to play.

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Think of your WordPress site like a car or property. And just like a car or property you need to set aside a little time for maintenance and the odd repair.


My site works fine, why update it?

WordPress offers regular updates, making improvements to how the system works and fixing security issues. Keeping your site updated helps to prevent issues before they become a problem. No one wants a hacked or broken site and lost opportunities.

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