WordPress support

WordPress is great, but sometimes its flexibility comes with complexity. If you need help finding your way around the dashboard, figuring out what a certain setting does, or would like to know the best plugins to use on your site then just ask.

Why me?

I work almost exclusively with WordPress, nearly every day since 2012. I’ve helped set up websites to accomplish all kinds of goals; membership systems, e-commerce, e-learning and plenty of simpler sites. So you can be sure when I recommend a certain way of approaching things, or a particular Theme or Plugin, it’s from experience; either on successful live websites or through thorough testing.

Keeping it simple.

WordPress can be configured in many ways, add to this the sheer number of different Plugins and Themes available means sites can get pretty complex if you’re not careful. Choosing your Theme and Plugins wisely helps to prevent incompatibility issues – usually caused when different parts of the website are trying to do the same thing, or aren’t doing them in the right order to keep things running correctly.

Whatever your WordPress issue, from the simple to the complex i’m here to help.

My approach to WordPress support

  • Contact me using email or phone, whatever works for you.
  • Advice, guidance and instruction without jargon.
  • Emergency support if things go wrong.

WordPress support is included in both the Personal Plan and Professional Plan.