Have a question you don’t see here? Ask Me

  • What do I need to provide in order to use your service?

    • I will need a user account on your WordPress site – this needs to be have the ‘Administrator’ role. This can be either an existing user or you can create a new one specifically for me.
    • I will need FTP details to your hosting.
    • I may also need access to your hosting account for access to the database and other tools.

    Don’t worry if none of this makes sense, go ahead and sign-up and I will contact you to guide you through finding this information.

  • What happens if my site breaks when you update WordPress?

    If the site breaks and I can fix it immediately (an obvious or known issue) I will immediately fix the issue and send a notification to your email address. If the fix is unknown or not immediate, I will roll the site back to the most recent backup (created before the update).

    I will spend up to one (1) hour of time fixing/troubleshooting the issue – if I can’t fix the site within that time, I will send you a time/cost estimate and let you decide how you’d like to proceed.

  • What are Premium Themes and Plugins?

    Premium Themes and Plugins usually charge an annual fee for access to Updates and their support. In order to keep using the most up-to-date versions you need to renew your license.

    I have developer licenses for two popular Plugins; Gravity Forms and Advanced Custom Fields – so you are welcome to use my licenses to keep these two Plugins updated.

    If your site uses any Premium Plugins I will advise you when and how to renew these.

  • Can you update my website’s content for me?

    WordPress makes it pretty easy to take care of your website’s content yourself.

    However, If you have some content you’d like added or changed and you’d like me to do it then send me your request. If the change will only take a few minutes then I will do this when I update your website next.

    If you need the change done before this – or have a list of lots of small changes, I will send you a time/cost estimate.

  • Can you Re-Design my website for me?

    I offer a full website design service through GDS Web Design. I primarily work creating custom Themes and Plugins for customers – but if you have a Theme already in mind I can help you customise it to your needs. Send me a message to start the ball rolling.

  • Do I need to switch hosting company?

    If you already have hosting and it’s adequate for your website then there’s no reason to switch. If however your hosting is insecure or running outdated software then it may be time to upgrade to higher quality hosting.

  • What experience do you have?

    I’ve been working with WordPress since 2012 using it to build websites for clients. I’ve helped to create a variety of websites; memberships, e-commerce, e-learning as well as plenty of simpler sites.

    These days I generally build sites using my own WordPress Themes along with a mixture of Plugins. I use available Free and Premium plugins if the functionality has been done before – or create Custom Plugins from scratch if what I need isn’t available.

    I’ll only recommend a Theme or Plugin if I’ve had genuine experience using it – either on live websites or through thorough testing.